Building a bookshelf

I’ve sort of become the library at my day job. My co-workers will ask me what I’m reading and if it’s any good, and any time I rave about a certain title, they go pick it up. Sometimes I even bring a copy in and loan it out. THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE – if you’re...
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The contract

So it came. I read through it – I surprisingly understood most of the fancy legal lingo – and then called Sara to walk me through the few clauses I needed clarification on. Two people have to sign this document: the president of HarperCollins and yours truly. Let me just say that while the legalities...
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Story first

The purpose of young adult literature is often twofold: to tell a story, and to send a message, usually in the form of a much-needed lesson. This is the first line of a recent New York Times Sunday Book Review by Lisa Belkin. The article reviewed two YA novels about abusive relationships – Jennifer Brown’s...
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Name That Book, a Twitter game

I initiated a little game on Twitter the other evening, cleverly (or unimaginatively) referred to as Name That Book. This game was pretty straight-forward. I posted a photo snippet from a book (interior pages) and the first person to tweet me with the correct title and author won. We played five rounds and at the...
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