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Site Redesign!

I’ve been wanting to redesign my website for well over a year, and after turning in my first draft of STOLEN earlier this week, I finally implemented a long overdue face-lift. For those of you viewing this post in your rss readers, here’s a peek at the new homepage: It wasn’t easy getting everything in...
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My writing space: before & after

I’m always interested in learning about writer’s work spaces–offices, coffee shops, the couch! It’s so interesting to get a glimpse at where (and how) the magic happens. Back in December, when I was still working part-time at my web design job but had every intention of eventually writing full-time, I decided I wanted a dedicated...
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Go Away, I’m Reading: Hunger Games inspired dust jackets

Remember when we made those snarky dust jackets so you could tell people to bug off while reading? Well the response has been so amazing that Sarah, Tracey, and I have been thinking long and hard about how to move forward with the project and give you guys more goodies. We are seriously considering opening...
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Go away! I’m reading.

Some people just don’t understand that when you have your nose deep in a book, it means just that. You are deep in a book. You do NOT want to be interrupted. The other day, my friend Sarah Enni found this amazing pin on etsy: I thought it was genius, but Tracey Neithercott promptly pointed...
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