Signed Copies

Want a signed copy of Erin’s books but can’t make it to an event? Simply order online through Gibson’s Bookstore! Erin will visit the store to personalize/sign your copy and then Gibson’s will mail it directly to you! There’s no extra cost for a signed edition–it’s the same as ordering an unsigned copy online (just the list price + $3.50 shipping fee).

What to do:

1Head over to Gibson’s website and add the desired book to your cart. (For a direct link to all my books, click here.)

2During checkout, look for the “Order Comments” field at the bottom of the page. Mention that you would like a signed copy here. If you want the book personalized as well, include the name it should be addressed to.

order comments

If you prefer, you can copy and paste this exact wording. I would like a signed copy of this book. Please have Erin personalize it for [name here]. (Just be sure to update the text between the brackets!)

3Place your order and wait for it to arrive. It’s that easy. :)