Fundamentals of Design Workshop


Even writers need to know design.

Authors write, first and foremost. But there will come a time in every author’s career when they will need to communicate something visually.

As an author, you will likely want to…

  • Make graphics for social media (to announce book sales, tours, etc)
  • Create swag (bookmarks, stickers, postcards, etc)
  • Update online branding (twitter header, author logo, etc)
  • Create/manage a website

This workshop is crash course in design, outlining the fundamentals of good design and providing you with the tools necessary to handle many of your own marketing needs. It combines everything I’ve learned in my 13+ years as a professional designer, with insights catered specifically of authors.

Workshop to launch in 2021.
Space will be limited.

Payment options:
details coming soon

In this workshop you will…

Discover the five fundamentals of good design

Learn to identify a purpose and goal for any design project

Explore how hierarchy aids in legibility of content and message

Get a crash course in basic color theory

Create harmonious color palettes

Understand how typography, spacing, and general layout all aid in good design

Start and complete a sample marketing project for a book

Receive a personalized design critique and feedback from Erin 

Who is this workshop for?

All authors at all stages. Whether you are an aspiring author, a new debut, or a veteran, “Fundamentals of Design” will provide you with the tools to create eye-catching, legible, and purposeful designs. The materials aim to empower you, the author, so that you can handle many basic design tasks without having to hire a designer. (I’m an author myself. I know how precious our budgets are.)

About your instructor

Erin Bowman is the critically-acclaimed author of numerous books for children and teens, including the Taken Trilogy, Vengeance Road, Retribution Rails, the Contagion duology, and The Girl and the Witch’s Garden. Before transitioning into writing, she also worked as a web designer and mobile app designer for brands such as MTV, VH1, Kashi, and Royal Caribbean. Today she continues to work as a freelance designer in addition to handling her own design needs as an author. 

How is it taught?

“Fundamentals of Design” is an interactive, three-part workshop that will take place over several weeks. Access to the materials does NOT expire.

  • Part one is self-guided and consists of video lectures that can be watched at your convenience but must be viewed before you can move into the next section.
  • Part two is interactive. You’ll start and complete a small design project (bookmark design or instagram post) utilizing the skills you’ve learned. Worksheets will help you organize your design approach and Erin will provide personalized critique of your finished product.
  • Part three is live Q&A that will wrap up the workshop on the final day. Playback will be available for those who can’t make the live. 

Schedule at a glance:

  • Workshop opens (date TBD)
  • Project due to Erin for critique 6 weeks later (exact date TBD)
  • Live Q&A 2 weeks later (exact date and time TBD) 

Note: You will need a design software such as Photoshop (desktop, subscription based) or Canva (browser-based, free) to complete the workshop’s exercises and design project.

Registration will open soon

Workshop to launch in 2021. Space will be limited. Registrants will get lifetime access to all “Fundamentals of Design” materials. Watch this space for updates.

Payment options: details coming soon

Tech Requirements

To attend/complete this workshop is a computer/device with internet access and access to a design program such as Photoshop (desktop-based, paid subscription) or Canva (browser-based, free). The Live Q&A will happen on Zoom, which can be watched via web browser. (For the best experience, you can download the Zoom desktop app.)