My writing space: before & after

I’m always interested in learning about writer’s work spaces–offices, coffee shops, the couch! It’s so interesting to get a glimpse at where (and how) the magic happens.

Back in December, when I was still working part-time at my web design job but had every intention of eventually writing full-time, I decided I wanted a dedicated writing space at home. A room I could go to and write. A space that would be for work, but would also feel like an escape and a comfort. A place I wanted to be.

This all lead to a huge overhaul of a spare bedroom in our house. So today, in addition to showing you my writing space, I wanted to share some before and after photos of this office remodel :)

This was the room before it was my office, while I was in the process of cleaning it out (click to enlarge):

It has three windows and gets lovely light, both in the morning and evening. That couch in the corner has a pull-out bed, hence why this space was doubling as a very lame guest bedroom. There are some weird built-ins on the wall next to the door that we still use as extra closet space. (Currently they hold winter jackets and scarves and holiday decorations.)

I wanted to keep the couch for two reasons: 1) so the room could continue to double as a guest room, and 2) because while I love to work at a desk while answering emails, writing blog posts, and revising, I am still most comfortable drafting on a couch. (For me, something about being comfortable and relaxed helps the words flow more than sitting at a desk ever will.)

I had a plan to turn the far corner and wall to the right of the built-ins into my official “work” space. After lots of measuring, sketching, and pinning, I made a trip to Ikea. The Engineer helped me assemble everything, and I then spent the next few months filling my new office with artwork and decor that make the space feel like me.

Here’s the end result (click to enlarge):

And here’s a closer look at some of my favorite details in the room.

vintage globe (Etsy), framed greeting cards (Rifle Paper Co.), and some inspirational block letters (Michaels)

illustrated wall calendar (Rifle, again)

print of the incredibly inspirational Holstee Manifesto

candle holder & lantern (Pier 1) and another fun print (by Melanie Linder and snagged via Fab)

It’s the little things that I love about this office. The fact that the couch is right nearby. The creamy whites and blues and greens. The pops of color in the rug and wall map. (That map is magnetic, by the way, and I plan to put it to good use while plotting one of these days.) I’ve got tons of storage space between the cubbies and filing cabinet. And it’s just cozy. It’s a place I love to spend time in. (Which is an important thing when I seem to spend 90% of my days here.)

It was a long time in the making, but I’m so glad I took the time to redo this office the way I wanted. It’s truly a joy to wake up each morning, stumble into the kitchen for my coffee, and then head to “work” in this room. Truthfully, it rarely even feels like work. :)

What about you? Do you have a dedicated writing space? Where do you work from? Tell me in the comments!

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