Retribution Rails

Howdy, y’all. I’m stepping away from the drafting cave to share some incredible news… Vengeance Road is getting a companion—Retribution Rails! In case that image doesn’t display properly, it says: Erin Bowman’s RETRIBUTION RAILS, a companion novel to VENGEANCE ROAD, set in 1887 Arizona and about a boy in possession of a mysterious gold coin...
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Vengeance Road

Those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram have probably seen me posting about a #westernYA recently. If you also follow me on pinterest, it’s likely you’ve caught an influx of my western pins. Well… I’m thrilled to announce that #westernYA (henceforth known as VENGEANCE ROAD) sold to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt! * If image is...
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YAGB tour recap and other fun news!

After 2.5 weeks on the road, I’m (finally) home! The Young Authors Give Back tour was exhausting, but a huge success. We visited a bunch of cities, did some sight-seeing, and sold books. But without a doubt, my favorite part of the tour was the reason we did it in the first place: the giving back....
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TAKEN2 title reveal!

Look at all these RTs about the Young Authors Give Back tour! Thank you, thank you!!! I promised to reveal the title of TAKEN’s sequel after 50 RTs, and as you can see above, you guys met that challenge like pros. Rather than continuing to ramble, I’m just going to say thanks one last time–THANK...
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