TAKEN2 title reveal!

Look at all these RTs about the Young Authors Give Back tour! Thank you, thank you!!!

YAGB tour RTs

I promised to reveal the title of TAKEN’s sequel after 50 RTs, and as you can see above, you guys met that challenge like pros. Rather than continuing to ramble, I’m just going to say thanks one last time–THANK YOU!–and get to the goods. It’s why you’re here, after all.

So without further ado,

the title of TAKEN2 is














!!!!!!!!!! FROZEN !!!!!!!!!!

Guys, I love this title so much!!

Unlike TAKEN, which had a lengthy and exhausting titling process, FROZEN is the first thing I wrote on the page when I started drafting this sequel, and it stuck.

This title says so much about book two, both literally (the landscape/season), and figuratively (poor Gray and his conflicted heart). Not to mention the additional ways I can’t speak to without spoiling things from book one. (And I really don’t want to do that for those of you who still have TAKEN on your TBR pile.)

I’m just so pleased this title made the final cut, and even more pleased that I can share this book with you in less than a year. I counted down the days ’til TAKEN for 24 months, but FROZEN will be yours on 4/15/14. That’s just eleven months from today! (There’s always a rare chance this date could change–this is publishing, after all–but I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.)

Until then, how about a sneak peek at the gorgeous interior pages for FROZEN?

FROZEN "section" page

You might remember that TAKEN’s “section” pages featured a tree from the cover.

Do with this info what you will…


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