Name That Book, a Twitter game

I initiated a little game on Twitter the other evening, cleverly (or unimaginatively) referred to as Name That Book.

This game was pretty straight-forward. I posted a photo snippet from a book (interior pages) and the first person to tweet me with the correct title and author won. We played five rounds and at the end of the game, chose one grand prize winner from the round winners. That lucky someone scored an amazon gift card.

The game was really fun, and may I just say that my Twitter followers are brilliant? Seriously. You guys were blowing me away with your speedy response times and lightening-fast typing.

But one tweet stood out to me. This comment came in from Kelly, long after the game was over:

The bummer part of the game for me was that of the books I’d read, I read them on my iPad so I didn’t recognize page numbers.

I had not once thought of this before initiating the game. When it comes to books, I am still a print-girl. I want to hold the novel in my hand, smell the pages, feel the thickness in my right hand get less and less until I am gripping only the final pages of the story. But I know more and more people are reading digitally. And Kelly’s tweet got me thinking about digital books. I don’t know what goes into the technical side of coding books for readers, but I hope that one day, books we buy for our Kindles or iPads can have the same beautiful page design and layout as the printed versions. Because isn’t this part of what makes a book so magical? The personality it possesses through unique design elements like typography and page numbering?

Take a look at these snippets from last night’s game and let me know what you think:

We will play Name That Book again soon, so if you missed out on the festivities this time, don’t worry. Follow me on Twitter, and stay tuned for more of this fun game!

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