Foreign Sales!

Nearly a day to the month since my book sold, the good news keeps rolling in. This was announced on Publishers Marketplace today: Rights to Erin Bowman’s THE LAICOS PROJECT, to Carsten Polzin at Piper in Germany, in a three-book deal, in a pre-empt, by Friederike Biesel at Thomas Schlueck Agency, and in Italy to Ornella Robbiati at Sperling & Kupfer,...
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Battling Fear

I wanted to talk about something that has happened since landing my book deal: The Fear. Hear me out. You spend all this time writing, perfectly, querying, revising and submitting your story, all in pursuit of the elusive book deal. And then, after months of patience and hard work and perseverance, everything falls into place....
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Amazing News!

I will attempt to refrain from using an excess of exclamation marks in this post, but I’m fairly certain it will be impossible. I have a book deal!!! The deal was announced on Publishers Marketplace late last night, and it read something (well, exactly) like this: Erin Bowman’s THE LAICOS PROJECT, about a 17-year-old who...
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Battling the urge to check email

So you sent the email. You hit send and it went flying off into the depths of cyberspace. Now what do you? Refresh gmail every other minute until the response comes back, right? (Don’t lie. I’m guilty of this too.) I saw this tweet earlier in the week and something inside me cringed a little:...
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