Nearly a day to the month since my book sold, the good news keeps rolling in. This was announced on Publishers Marketplace today:

Rights to Erin Bowman’s THE LAICOS PROJECT, to Carsten Polzin at Piper in Germany, in a three-book deal, in a pre-empt, by Friederike Biesel at Thomas Schlueck Agency, and in Italy to Ornella Robbiati at Sperling & Kupfer, also in a pre-empt, by Daniela Micura, both on behalf of Sara Crowe at Harvey Klinger.

This is unbelievably surreal. I am still having trouble grasping the fact that my book will one day be on bookshelves across North America, so you can imagine how well I’m able to swallow this fantastic news. Germany! Italy! I am so excited, and thrilled and simply without words.

The funny thing with this news is that Sara had called me about a week ago to talk book-businessy-things and, while chatting, she casually mention that we had some German interest. I smiled at the thought of that but truthfully didn’t know what to expect. Foreign interest? Already? I was still coming out of the daze of the original book deal. But after just a few days, Sara called to say we had a fantastic pre-empt offer. I got giddy all over again, much like I did with my original deal. And then, as if Sara was trying to see if she could put me into actual shock, she called me back the very next day to tell me that we had an offer from Italy as well. So I got giddy for the second time in two days, and then went out for a celebratory sushi dinner. It was delicious.

A huge thanks to Sara, for being the biggest champion for this book – bigger than anything I could have possibly imagined a mere 3.5 months ago when I signed with her. And another huge thanks to the fabulous co-agents that helped broker this deal. And to everyone who congratulated me via Twitter on Friday, when I couldn’t hold the news in any longer, thanks as well. You are all fantastic!


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