The grass is always greener

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. While drafting book two, all I wanted to do was get my copy edits for book one. Book two wasn’t necessarily being problematic, but gosh, this writing this was hard. I’d forgotten how scary the blank page can be. How you are typing the words for...
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After the Editorial Letter, Part 1: a peek at revising under contract

Today is my birthday! (*does happy dance*) A year ago this time, I had just finished signing with my agent. My how things have changed! A huge milestone these past twelve months was selling my book, and after that, it was surviving my editorial revisions for Taken, which are finally nearing completion. So I thought we’d...
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I have author photos!

For those of you who don’t know, I still work a day job. It used to be my full-time job, but now I’m down to three days a week (Mon-Fri). We are a web design/development shop, but everyone there seems to have a vast array of talents, many of which extend beyond the realm of...
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LAICOS has a new title!

That’s right. A new title! I want to talk a bit about why the book got retitled, as well as my adventurous process of finding the right one, but let me get to the goods first. (I know that’s what you want. You’re welcome.) So without further adieu, THE LAICOS PROJECT is now….. . ....
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