I have author photos!

For those of you who don’t know, I still work a day job. It used to be my full-time job, but now I’m down to three days a week (Mon-Fri). We are a web design/development shop, but everyone there seems to have a vast array of talents, many of which extend beyond the realm of website-making. Maybe you remember by wonderful developer-friend Dave, who is a Cake Master and made me these amazing Harry Potter cupcakes for my birthday. Well another one of my fabulous colleagues, Tammy, who is an Account Exec, just so happens to be awesome at taking fancy photos.

I asked her to shoot my author photos and we managed to take these the day before the trees went barren. (I swear, she came up to New Hampshire to shoot in the orchard one weekend, and a day later, the leaves were all on the ground, dead).

Anyway, Tammy rocks. She gave me so many wonderful pictures to choose from that even after hours of deliberation, I’ve still only managed to narrow my options down to seven. Help me, please? (Clicking on any picture will make it larger.)








all photos by Tamara Namaste

So, some thoughts:

  • My favorites are hands down #4 and #7, but I’m not looking at the camera, and I have no clue if this is an issue when it comes to author photos.* Also, #7 doesn’t feel very portrait-like at all, but I just lovelovelove it. (It’s already been updated as my facebook profile picture.)
  • #2 is nearly perfect except for that one string of hair blowing off in the breeze. Oh, wind. Anyone think this is an issue? Or just weird looking? (I could probably photoshop it out, if I really wanted.)
  • I think I look really young in #6, and my hair might be a little too messy on the left. Thoughts?
  • Maybe #5 is the best portrait-y shot? I don’t know guys. I can’t think constructively about these any longer.

Please, please, please help me! What do you think? Tell me in the comments. Oh, and if you are an author in the Boston area in need of some photos, definitely give Tammy a call. She’s a sweetheart.

*I should really find out if I have to be looking directly at the camera. Because if so, my options instantly jump down to about two. Authors who have been through this process already — Can you shed any light on this?

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