Debuting, or Lessons Learned in 2013

After spending days/weeks/months counting down to Taken‘s release, my debut year is finally coming to a close. It unfolded with a lot of highs, lows, surprises, and everything in between. I’m incredibly grateful for all the experiences I’ve had, but gosh, I wish I’d been prepared for the emotional roller coaster of putting a book...
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Lessons learned while writing a trilogy

My work on the Taken trilogy is pretty much complete. Sure, Forged doesn’t come out until April, but as far as writing and revision is concerned, I’m off the hook. All that remains is printing and production of the book. And then of course, promotion. As I move on to new projects, I’ve been thinking a lot about the process...
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After the Editorial Letter, Part 2: a peek at pass pages and beyond

A while back I pulled aside the publishing curtain to discuss the process of revising under contract. That “After the Editorial Letter” post ended with Step 4, Copy Edits, or, as I like to call it, The last step where your book still looks like a word doc. Today we’ll take a peek at what happens next…...
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Write what’s in your heart

I know this has been said before, by many others, countless times over, but I want to spend a little time on it because the concept is so clear in my mind today. I had a lovely Skype chat with Sarah Enni last night. We got to talking about book ideas and how we each...
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