So it came. I read through it – I surprisingly understood most of the fancy legal lingo – and then called Sara to walk me through the few clauses I needed clarification on.

Two people have to sign this document: the president of HarperCollins and yours truly. Let me just say that while the legalities of this contract made things feel pretty real, those two signature lines hit home. HarperCollins wants to publish my trilogy and they need me to sign on the dotted line to seal the deal. And they are going to pay me to do what I love. Ah! Each step I take toward publication leaves me continually feeling more blessed and fortunate and humbled than the step before. (Note: I am still pinching myself on a regular basis for fear that I’m dreaming.)

In order to avoid the “pics or it didn’t happen” shout-outs that are sure to ensue in the comments if I don’t provide some, here’s a shot of me signing my contract. Please pardon my look of general disheveled-ness, as I was signing this on a 98 degree day in our non-air-conditioned house. I am not looking my finest. (You’ve been warned.)

signing publishing contract with HarperCollins
These were taken on my iPhone in crappy lighting. Apologies for the low quality.

Now I’m just anxiously awaiting my revision letter from Erica, although, perhaps I should be worried. This mini conversation broke out on Twitter the other day:

A twitter conversation including @EricaSussman, @robisonwells, @kierstenwhite, @Leigh_Fallon, @amygarvey and myself

Yes, Rob would never, ever lie. It simply is not in his nature.

I think it’s safe to say I don’t need to take to the hills anytime soon… At least not yet… Right?


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