I’m Home! (and a peek at TAKEN’s page passes)

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed a long bout of silence these last two weeks. Well, I was off in Europe with the Engineer, traversing through Paris and rural Germany and then wrapping things up in Amsterdam. It was a blast, filled with delicious pastries, coffee, beer, wine, cheeses, sight-seeing, hiking, train rides, and tons of photography.

While the trip was a blast–it was my first time in Europe!–it is so very nice to be home. I missed my bed. And my routines. (I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be working out again. While the food and drinks were amazing, I think I might have gained 10 pounds from all the indulging.)

I have hundreds of pictures on my camera–literally–and I’ll be sure to share some in the near future. I just need some time to sort through them all and pick out the best of the best. Until then, how about I hold you over with a peek at the prettiness that arrived in my mailbox just before I left for Europe?

Here’s a few shots of my first page passes for TAKEN!

Look at all how thick it is!

And here’s the title page and a sample “section” page! (you can click to enlarge them)

It’s a surreal experience, seeing my story in “book” form. It’s longer than I thought it would be–362 pages to be exact! It’s all typeset and beautiful. There are chapter titles and page numbers and copyright info. The design on the “section” pages took me so much by surprise that I almost started crying. The folks at Harper did such a fantastic job laying everything out, and I am incredibly grateful. I’m also excited for you read this baby! Terrified, but excited. (Now I just need to catch all the last-minute typos…)

So that’s where I’ll be the next few weeks: proofing these page passes and putting the final tweaks on my draft of book two. Both are due to my editor June 1st. If I’m a bit quiet until then, you know why!

Hope you’re all doing just peachy! <3

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