One Word for 2015

Happy New Year!!! I’m a few days late, but Baby Bowman has been keeping me busy.

For the last couple years, I’ve been picking a ‘word of the year’ instead of declaring a traditional resolution. In 2014 my goal was focus-related, in 2013 I aimed to be more present, and the year before that I strived for balance.

This year, I’m going with…




As in… rediscovering my routine. Rediscovering a family/writing balance. Rediscovering, simply put, how to make this all work.

People tell you having a baby changes everything. I heard this from every single parent I knew during my pregnancy. I believed these people, I did, but I couldn’t truly understand until Baby B arrived. I haven’t written a single new word since her birth, but I know I will soon. This is a transition period, a huge adjustment, and my maternity leave. Even still, jumping back into things is a little terrifying. Some days, it seems downright impossible. (I know that’s just the Fear talking.)

So this year is going to be all about rediscovering how to do this thing called writing. I want to find a new routine and stick with it. I want to figure out how to be a mom and a wife and an author. I want to carve out the time and get back to my keyboard.

Everything’s changed, yes. But I can still tell stories. I just need to rediscover how within my new normal.

What are your goals this year? If you had to pick one word for all of 2015, what would it be?

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