What I’m Reading: March

It’s April 1st! Frozen releases in just two weeks. This makes me happier than Olaf in summer.

A quick reminder while we’re talking about my sequel. If you preorder a copy of Frozen by 4/14, I’ll send you free swag, plus you’ll be eligible to win a bundle of books. For the official rules and entry form, click here.

Now, on to what I’ve read… Last month was a super busy for me. I also spent the last week of it deathly ill (so sick I couldn’t even bring myself to read, so you know it was bad).

Here’s the two books I read in March:

LADY THIEF by A.C. Gaughen
This is the sequel to Scarlet, and while the wait was painful, it was well worth it. (Minor spoilers for book one ahead.) Scarlet’s identity is revealed and she’s in over her head in a forced marriage to Gisbourne. Naturally, this puts relationship with Rob on edge. With the promise of an annulment, Scarlet joins Gisbourne in court, but navigating his ruthlessness is nearly as tricky as fitting in as a noblewoman. All this while, Prince John is looking to appoint a new sheriff, and Rob just might have a chance at the role.

I’m not quite sure how Gaughen topped book one, but she did. Lady Thief has just as much intrigue, action, passion, and suspense. Plus a wonderful twist at the end that made me audibly gasp (not an easy feat). This series is shaping up to be one of my favorites, and I absolutely can’t wait for the final installment.


RELIC by Renee Collins
After a fire kills her parent, Maggie Davis moves to Burning Mesa and takes up work in a saloon to support herself and her young sister. Befriending cowboys and showgirls, it seems she might have a start at a new life. But when additional towns continue to burn, it’s obvious something more sinister is at stake. Who is responsible, and are they using relics—skeletal remains of magic creatures—to create these uncontrollable wildfires? And why?

I have said countless times there aren’t enough western YAs, so I was extremely pleased to get my hands on Collins’ debut. Burning Mesa is a fully realized town, populated with diverse characters and lively establishments. Realistic themes of the time appear throughout the novel (prejudice against the Apache, mistreatment of women within the saloon, etc), but it never becomes preachy. The setting and characters of Relic are pure western, but the relic mythology woven into the story creates a wonderful fantasy thread. This is such a fun reimagining of the wild west.

What about you? What did you read and love in March?

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