Ready. Set. WRITE! {week5}

RSW badgeWhat’s Ready. Set. WRITE!, you ask? It’s a summer-long writing intensive that encourages goal setting and accountability, and provides an opportunity for writers to cheer each other on at any point in the process—be it planning, drafting, revising, and/or polishing. The event is hosted by Alison Miller, Jaime Morrow, Erin Funk, and Katy Upperman.

I’ll be checking in weekly to share my progress, and if you’re contemplating joining the fun, there’s still time! Full event details HERE.


How I did on last week’s goals

Finish revising VENGEANCE ROAD, then send it to my iPad for a read-through — Success! After reading through and making inline notes via my iPad, I even had time to go back through the ms and input all the tweaks and changes. Good thing, too. This baby is due to my editor tomorrow.

Finish reading EVERYTHING LEADS TO YOU — Deadline took priority last week, so I only made it through about half of this novel. (Loving it so far though.)


My goals for this week

  • Turn in VENGEANCE ROAD and take a few days off (Yes, I actually have to make this a goal or Workaholic Erin will plow straight ahead into the next project)
  • Mid-week, start reading through SHUTDOWN and take revision notes (This is a YA speculative fiction standalone that I’ve had on the back-burner since 2012. The ms is complete, and I still think about it every few days, so I want to see if it’s something worth revisiting)
  • Finish reading EVERYTHING LEADS TO YOU


A favorite line from my project OR a word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

Here’s a few lines that give a peek inside Kate’s head:

I always thought it were a crutch, religion; the Word telling you what to think. Like poetry, it were another flowery thing to suck time away from the things needing doing. But now, after everything… I ain’t so sure. Maybe religion’s there so we feel less alone, so that we have something to believe in when the world goes dark and burdens us with trials.


The biggest challenge I faced this week

Holiday weekend! Luckily, I got my work on VR done before the festivities kicked in, but all the grilling, fireworks, and general time spent outdoors kept me from meeting my reading goals.


Something I love about my WIP

Kate’s relationship with her father. For someone who is dead from the opening pages, I’m really proud of how I’ve brought him to life via Kate’s thoughts, memories, and flashbacks. I feel like he’s a fully realized secondary character, and I only hope readers agree.

That’s all I’ve got til next check-in. How was your week of writing/revising?

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