Ready. Set. WRITE! {week11}

RSW badgeWhat’s Ready. Set. WRITE!, you ask? It’s a summer-long writing intensive that encourages goal setting and accountability, and provides an opportunity for writers to cheer each other on at any point in the process—be it planning, drafting, revising, and/or polishing. The event is hosted by Alison MillerJaime MorrowErin Funk, and Katy Upperman.

I’ll be checking in weekly to share my progress, and if you’re contemplating joining the fun, there’s still time! Full event details HERE.


How I did on last week’s goals

Proofread SHUTDOWN on my iPad to catch any outstanding issues, then send it to a beta reader — Done! Now I’ll try (probably unsuccessfully) to not think about this ms until I get feedback.

Formalize a revision plan for VENGEANCE ROAD — Success! I mulled over the revision letter, made myself tons of notes, and am ready to start hacking it apart—I mean, making it stronger—this week.

Finish reading LOVE AND OTHER PERISHABLE ITEMS — Check. This was a really sweet little book. It felt like a YA and NA novel in one, just as Katy told me. Really enjoyable.


My goals for this week

  • Revise half of VENGEANCE ROAD (Yes, a hefty goal, but I really want to give this ms to betas by the end of the month so that I have time to revise one last time before turning it in to my editor on October 1st.)
  • Read DREAMS OF GODS & MONSTERS (I can already see myself failing on this front. The book is massive, but I’m going to at least start it.)


A favorite line from my project OR a word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

I’m going with a word this week: transition

I wrapped up SHUTDOWN and moved back into the world of VENGEANCE ROAD. My brains feeling a little mushy from all the back and forth, but I’m surviving.


The biggest challenge I faced this week

Baby things. Actually, I’ve been facing this most of the summer, but I only publicly announced that I’m expecting as of Friday. Still, it’s nice to finally admit that I’m losing tons of time to nursery projects, childbirth classes, and reading baby books. Another reason for my insane revision goals this week is because I want VR as clean as possible before the baby arrives (she’s due mid-October). I’d much rather be juggling line edits and copy edits with a newborn than full-blown revisions.


Something I love about my WIP

I don’t even know which ms to comment on this week. Oh, transition. How about this: I love that SHUTDOWN is off my plate for a little while, and I’m excited about making VENGEANCE ROAD stronger as I revise per my editor’s feedback. :)

That’s all I’ve got til next check-in. How was your week of writing/revising?

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