Announcing my newest project

I’ve been working on this “project” since early 2014, and am happy to report that it will debut this year. October, to be exact.


Oh, did you think it was another book? Mwuahaha!

The Engineer and I are equal parts excited and terrified. We have no clue what we’re doing, but hey, no parents do at the beginning, right? We’ve spent the last few months devouring tons of baby books, stocking up on the appropriate gear, and getting the nursery ready. Oh, and I’ve also been reading to her. I figure it’s never too early to start.

Naturally, I’ll still be writing. FORGED will still be out in April. VENGEANCE ROAD is still on schedule for fall 2015. But I wanted to share this news so that you guys are prepared for the blog/twitter/social media silence that is likely to hit in October and continue through the holidays. Especially in October and November, I will be virtually impossible to reach. Unless it’s an emergency, I’m not checking or answering emails. If you need something from me, reach out now!

Just two months until Baby Bowman arrives. I can’t believe how quickly things are progressing. Book babies take so much longer to create than real ones. ;)

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