2 months ’til TAKEN!

Gah! The days are starting to fly.

Just 2 measly months ’til TAKEN!

As we continue to near April 16th, TAKEN ARCs have been finding more and more readers. Some are friends, others are strangers, but all are awesome. It is still incredibly surreal for me to receive a tweet where someone mentions Gray, or a certain chapter, or the world of TAKEN in general. Each exchange makes me giddy as can be. And this is why we writers write: to share our stories with others.

If you haven’t yet read TAKEN, here’s another early chance! Unlike last month’s giveaway, this one is going to be US-only (sorry folks!).


TAKEN ARC and swag

Pictured above: ARC of TAKEN (personalized and/or signed if you’d like!), bookplates, stickers, and bookmarks!

I’m also going to throw in a secret bonus ARC, but I’m not telling you what it is. (mwuahaha!) Here’s a hint: It comes out in April, is a sequel to a hot trilogy, and is also edited by TAKEN’s editor. (Vague, I know, but with a little research, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. And if you do, you can snag extra entries by submitting your answer in the rafflecopter widget below!)

Speaking of entries, I’ll be accepting them for a week only, so submit your info fast! If you don’t win, have no fear; I’ll host another ARC giveaway at the one-month marker (March 16th). There may even be a TAKEN pre-order contest in the near future, with other super awesome goodies up for grabs, so stay tuned!

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