January has been a crazy month, and it’s not even half way done yet. Don’t get me wrong; January has been fabulous. Just crazy. Let me update you on a few things.

I joined The Lucky 13s!
The Lucky 13s is a giant group of all children’s writers debuting as the Class of 2013, much like the Apocalypsies (of 2012) and the Elevensies (of 2011). The Luckies have a blog set up where you can learn about all the fabulous PB, MG, and YA books (and their authors) that debut next year. I joined the group just before Christmas, but my intro bio went up earlier this month.

I become a Pub(lishing) Crawl Member!
I just announced this the other day, but in case you’re late to the party, go check out Pub Crawl! It’s a fantastic group of writers and industry experts and I’m so excited to be a part of the blog! I’m giving away an ARC of THE SELECTION, too. Enter to win here.

I finally decided on new #NameThatBook rules!
If you aren’t familiar with this game, I play it on twitter, with my followers, and you can follow along (and join the fun!) by watching the #namethatbook hashtag. My wallet couldn’t keep up with my previous rules (giving away gift cards to the winner each time we played), and so I’ve switched things up a bit. Moving forward, we will play every month, on the first Thursday of each month! I will record all the winners, and at the end of the year I’ll draw one random winner from the pool of year-long winners. I’ve consolidated the new rules on a handy Name That Book page. Can’t wait to see you on twitter February 2nd for #namethatbook!

I agreed to play Truth & Dare!
Yes. Truth & Dare. A handful of my YA writer friends (all debuting with me in 2013) decided it might be fun to take the idea of a group blog in a new direction. So rather than posting whatever is on our minds, we decided to put control in the hands of our readers. This may come back to bite us in the butt, the concept was too fun for us to pass up. Here’s how it works: You send us a truth or dare and we will pick one to answer on the blog each and every Friday, hence our clever blog name, Friday the Thirteeners). The site launched today, which makes perfect sense, seeing as it’s Friday the 13th! Go check it out. Leave us some truths or dares! We can’t wait to embarrass ourselves for you ;)

The biggest piece of happy-making news…

I got the go-ahead to start work on Book 2!!!
This is super, super exciting. I spent most of yesterday outlining, which resulted in a lot of useless and vague plot points being recorded. Things like: “Something happens. And then they go somewhere. And then they talk to Some Person. More epicness ensues.” The entire process reminded me why I am a pantser at heart. The plot lives in my head, but as soon as I try to actually write it down in outline form, I freeze up. Today, I’m tackling the blank page and flying by the seat of my pants. I can’t wait.

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