While I read YA Highway religiously, I don’t usually participate in their Road Trip Wednesdays. However, this week’s prompt is so much fun that I couldn’t resist. Especially given how long I’ve gone without blogging. (I’m so sorry! Shame on me!)

The prompt this week was to create a “love list” for your story/WIP/book/etc.

What’s a love list? Simply put, it’s a list of all the things you love about your novel (or the things that sparked the idea) that serves as a lovely reminder of why the story is worth it when the going gets tough. (And boy does the going get tough when drafting, revising, revising some more…) This handy tactic is practiced by Stephanie Perkins, as she recently explained on Natalie Whipple’s blog. Read the whole thing here.

And now, to quickly share my love list for TAKEN:

an impulsive boy
an uncrossable wall
five red berries
birds flying in pairs
a stubborn scowl-er
a towering oak
a birthday
the addictive nature of uncovering truths
a girl with a voice like winter’s first snowfall
a stranger with a story
a criminal with a secret
black crows, hovering

Writing this was actually easier than I thought it would be. I think this list was always floating around in my head, subconsciously. (I’m not sure how I got through all my revisions otherwise.)

And because I saw Tracey Neithercott include some extra mediums in her love list post and thought the whole thing was stunning, I’m leaving you this two part song by Phoenix, Love Like a Sunset, which, in my opinion, feels exactly like TAKEN:

I’ll post again soon. I promise. Right after I wrap up this revision of TAKEN2 that’s been owning my life. ;)

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