It’s all starting to feel real…

By that, I mean, it’s hitting me. A little more each day. That this is actually happening. That my story is one day going to be printed and bound and very much in book form.

The cover reveal last week was just the start. Thank you, to everyone that dropped by Pub Crawl to comment on the gorgeousness that HarperTeen created. Your reactions had me smiling all day. (And still do, to be honest.)

Shortly after that, TAKEN popped up on Amazon. (AMAZON!) If you want, you can even pre-order it here. (I can’t even begin to describe how weird it feels to say that.)

And now…ARCs! According to my editor they are on their way. I’m still not 100% positive what this means. On their way to me? To Harper? Into the wild?! Who knows. But what this does mean is that ARCs will soon be in existence, and in preparation, I’ve created an ARC request form. If you’re a book blogger, reviewer, librarian, or an excited reader anxious to get your hands on an advanced copy of TAKEN, I encourage you to fill out the form. All requests will be forward to my publisher.

Phew. So yeah. That’s happening.

In the meantime, the first draft of TAKEN 2 is with my editor and I’m anxiously trying to do a million things while I still have some downtime: Redesigning this website! Chipping away at my TBR list! Answering all the emails! I’m also in the final revision round of a standalone WIP that is very dear to my heart. It’s been the hardest thing for me to write– especially when compared to TAKEN and TAKEN 2.* It’s so very different from those two books, but I adore it in a way I can’t quite put into words. At least not without sounding insane. Anyway, it’s almost there. Just a little longer. So close. So close I can almost taste it.

But guys! How are you? I hope summer is treating you all well. How is it possible that July is only mere days away?

* Proof: This ms has frequently been referred to as “The WIP that is trying to kill me.” It hasn’t. Not yet. But there have been some very close calls.

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