The year has almost come to a close. (How did this happen?) This time next week I’ll likely be headed to visit family and friends, meaning I’ll be spending a lot less time online checking emails, tweeting incessantly, and updating the blog.

I want to host one last game of #namethatbook on twitter before the year ends, because come 2012, I think I’m going to move in a new direction with the game. Currently, there is a “winner” each time we play, and that winner gets a giftcard to Amazon. My wallet has started to hate me for this. But I love the game, and seeing your answers, and marveling at how quickly you guys can name a title and author based on one measly photograph of book’s inner pages. So new rules for 2012 games of #namethatbook to come, but let’s play a final traditional game tomorrow (Thursday). At say, 3pm? Awesome. See you there.

I also want to review this year, because holy heck, a LOT happened. I read so many amazing books, made a ton of new friends, went from un-agented to pending debut author. I want to talk about all these things before 2012 arrives, but knowing how crazy the holidays get and how little time I’ll have to blog, I decided to plan ahead.

I’ve drafted a bunch of “2011 review” posts, all tagged with 2011 wind-down. They are set to auto-publish next week, so look for them in the days leading up to the new year. I may be slow to reply to your comments, but but rest assured I will be reading them!

Here’s what you can expect:

Best of 2011 Blog Circus Monday December 26th thru Friday December 30th
The always lovely Sarah Enni is hosting this event, complete with numerous Top 5 lists. (Top 5 YA boys and girls of 2011, Top 5 books of 2011, etc, etc). You get my drift. I’ll be posting once a day, at 3pm!

Class of 2011 YA Superlatives Tuesday December 27th thru Friday December 30th
This even is exactly what it sounds like — superlatives for books published in 2011. It is hosted by Katy Upperman, Tracey Neithercott, Jessica Love, and Alison Miller, and the titles up for grabs are inventive and super fun! I’ll be posting once a day, at 9am!

Winding down 2011: My year in review Saturday December 31st
A recap from me, looking back at the events (in my life) and posts (on this blog) that made up 2011.

This is probably the most rigorous week of blogging I have had all year long! It’s planned. With a schedule!! Don’t get to used to it, folks. I could make it my New Years resolution to actually blog on a regular basis, but I’ve never been that type of blogger. I write when the inspiration hits. When I box myself into schedules it feels like a chore, and I’d prefer to keep my relationship with this blog (and its readers) a loving and enjoyable one.

I hope to see you all on twitter for #namethatbook tomorrow! I know I’m biased, but I think it is incredibly fun. :)

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