Ten random facts (+ guest blogging)

Today, I’m over on the Crowe’s Nest, talking about online friendships and my undying love of Twitter. Check it out!

And in other news, the lovely Katy Upperman “tagged” me in a post the other day, requesting that I share ten riveting (and random) facts about myself. Here they are:

  • ONE — I have never died my hair. Ever. Not even a single highlight.
  • TWO — As a child, I used to think that my dad took me on errands because my name was Erin. Similarly, when he took my sister, Kelsy, along, they were going on Kelsys. Come on, this makes perfect sense in the mind of a five year old.
  • THREE — I have an unhealthy love for everything Autumn. The leaves, pumpkins, apples, sweaters, boots, scarfs, tea, temperatures, hiking. I could keep going, but I’ll spare you. Basically, Erin + Fall = <3
  • FOUR — I’m a work-out-aholic. If I skip the gym or some level of physical activity (a walk, hike, run, etc) for more than a day straight, I get grouchy and irritable.
  • FIVE — I have a thing with dishwashers. There is a right and wrong way to load them. Do it wrong and I will unload to RE-stack your dirty dishes. I am very particular. (Luckily, the house I live in right now doesn’t have a dishwasher at all, so I don’t lose sleep over how the Engineer might fail to follow my stacking etiquette.)
  • SIX — Like Katy, I am a dedicated flosser. I started about two years ago (after a firm scolding from my dentist) and haven’t let up. It’s hard to start flossing, but not impossible. I get why people hate it. But you can DO IT, folks. I am proof that this is not true.
  • SEVEN — I have the worst circulation known to man. My fingers get ice cold in any temperature below 65. This makes working on the computer, specifically writing, difficult. The plus side? Fingerless gloves.
  • EIGHT — I like to cook. And bake. This was not true until about a year ago when I finally got over my fear of measuring cups and Foods I Had Never Prepared Before and realized things don’t have to be perfect to be delicious.
  • NINE — I come from a huge family. I have 24 first cousins. I think. I’ve sort of lost track over the years. The eldest is well into his 30s, the youngest is like, three. I’m somewhere in the oldest third of the bunch. It’s fun. Family get-togethers are always a blast.
  • TEN — Without a doubt, some of the best smells in the world are: fresh cut grass, laundry/dryer sheets, pine trees, vanilla, the spine of a book, and the house I grew up in.

So now you know ten useless pieces of trivia about me. I hope it was enlightening :)

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