St Patty’s Day! (dishing on books and wearing green)

So it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! Boston is gearing up for the holiday it celebrates best and there is some 60-degree Spring weather rolling our way. As someone named after the wonderful island I have not yet visited (it is on my Bucket List), Saint Patrick’s Day has always been a fun holiday for me. I always wear green and say “Erin go Bragh” (giggling because that’s my name) and make sure to tell everyone that they are all, truly, Irish today!

This morning, while getting ready at the gym, I noticed that not everyone was wearing green. This made me a little sad. It also reminded me of my most favorite childhood Saint Patrick’s Day book, Jeremy Bean’s St. Patrick’s Day, by Alice Schertle. I’m pretty sure my mom read this to me every year until I was 8 or 9. The cover alone still makes me smile.

If you have not read this one, the story follows poor Jeremy Bean, who after mistakenly burying his green sweater beneath his bedsheets while making his bed in the morning, arrives to school without a lick of green on his body for Saint Patrick’s Day. Not even his shoelaces or underwear are green. Gasp! Embarrassed and feeling a little like a loser, Jeremy hides in the janitor’s closet. Now I won’t ruin the ending, but the point is that while everyone should obviously wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day (right? right?!), you shouldn’t go poking fun at the people that don’t.

If you forgot to wear green today, it’s all good. Just look for something green to tote around with you. See, I’m even drinking out of my Pantone mug today – Pantone 3272, to be exact, which is more of an aquatic teal than green-green, but you get the picture.

happy groundhog day

Anyway, happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

In honor of this wonderful holiday, care to share your favorite Saint Patty’s book? Or maybe a picture of you in your green? Link to goodreads or twitpic/yfrog in the comments and show me your holiday spirit!

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