Last week, I mentioned a side-project that I’d been working on with Caroline Richmond, Tracey Neithercott, and Sarah Enni. Today I am happy (and excited) to tell you what we’ve been up to.

As many of you know, Hurricane Irene did a lot of damage on the east coast several days back. Some areas escaped with nothing worse than a strong rainstorm. Other towns were not so lucky. Excessive rain and flooding left roads, bridges, and homes terribly damaged. The results have been devastating and I found myself looking at photos of the damage endlessly after the event, wishing there was more I could do to help.

And so last week, I approached Caroline, Tracey, and Sarah about setting up a fundraiser for Irene relief. The three were more than willing to help, and after much brainstorming, the Read for Relief auction was born. We’ve spent the last few days whipping up a website and gathering initial donations from a variety of gracious authors, editors, and agents. Bidding will officially begin Monday and last several days, giving bidders the opportunity to snag some fabulous items (books, arcs, swag, critiques, and more) while raising relief funds for Irene in the process.

We’d love if you visited the site, poked around, and helped us spread the word. There is a badge you can put in your blog’s sidebar. You can tweet about the auction too, and follow us on Twitter @read4relief. And if you have an industry-related item to donate, please check out the form on our website.

So that’s it! Why are you still here? Go visit Read for Relief right now! (Pretty, pretty please?)

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