It’s Marathon Monday! (and, giveaway winners)

Today is Marathon Monday in Boston. As far as I am aware, it is one of the larger annual marathons in the country. People come from all over to race through the suburbs of Boston, facing Hearbreak Hill in the final miles and ending on downtown Boylston Street, just outside the Boston Public Library. I am not much of a runner, and while I admire the people who are able to complete this absolutely amazing feat, I cringe at the thought of running anything greater than 3 miles myself. Yuck.

Boston’s Marathon Monday falls of Patriot’s Day every year – the third Monday of April. Many Massachusetts businesses give this day off to employees, mine included. This is the first year that has felt really weird to me, mostly because I now live in New Hampshire and everyone up here is headed to work as usual this morning. But I have today off, and by gosh am I enjoying it! I don’t have to make my usual 2hr commute to/from the city. I can spend some time writing. I already took my car to get serviced. Productivity! And while this is the first year in three that I will be unable to watch the marathon festivities, I’m thinking about, and rooting for, all the runners out there. Go, runners, go!

In other news, I wanted to announce the winners from my celebratory book deal giveaway. Thank you again to everyone who has offered congrats these last few weeks. I am starting to feel like a broken record but I will never, EVER, apologize for thanking you all for your support. You guys rock.

So now, on to the lucky winners!

  • $25 gift card to – Tracey Neithercott
  • $10 gift card to iTunes – Sarah Enni
  • $5 gift card to Starbucks – Lynn Colt
  • a 30p critique from me – Emy Shin

Hooray! Winners, I plan to distribute all gift cards electronically, so please email me at erin [at] embowman [dot] com and let me know which email address you would like your winnings sent to! I’d hate to use the email address you commented with if it happens to be a junk email account.

Also, Emy – Feel free to email me the first 30 pages of your MS at your convenience. Just attach it as a word doc (same email as above) and I’ll dive in when it arrives.

And one last time, to everyone who has added THE LACIOS PROJECT on goodreads, thank you! So excited for you all to read it (even if I am still having a hard to imagining it in printed form).

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