It’s been a little while

I apologize, blog readers. Truly, I do. We won a new piece of business at the day job, and it’s going to have me on a train to NYC once a week for meetings for the next few months. As you can imagine, this on top my revisions (I just started working on my second round) is a little draining. I don’t have as much free time, especially for super in-depth posts.

But it’s all worth it, because my trips to NYC mean an awesome project at work. And if the trips fall on Wednesdays (like my recent visit), it means I can stay an extra day and do “writer” things on my day off (since I now write Thursdays and Fridays).

That’s exactly what I did this past week. Here’s my trip in visuals.

I spent most of the train ride into the city taking pictures of odd things outside my window:
view from the train on the way into the city

I also took pictures of my co-workers. This is my Creative Director, Michelle, who was rocking an adorable dress. I’m also pretty fond of her gigantic ring:
my creative director looking fab

When we got into the city is was rainy and gloomy, but we headed to our meeting and this guy greeted us in the lobby:
spongebob in the lobby

We had a great working session with our new client – long, but great. They fed us delicious sandwiches and cookies, and I took this picture during one of our breaks. Talk about a conference room with a view:
view from the conference room

After our meeting I got drinks with my co-workers and they headed back to Boston. I walked over to Hell’s Kitchen for sushi with a college friend. I was stupid enough to not take pictures of my food, which was delicious, but I highly recommend the place. Great and affordable (Ajisai Japense Fushion).

I stayed with College Friend overnight and then headed to Penelope’s for breakfast in the morning, courtesy of Sarah Goldberg‘s recommendation. It was cozy and charming and I sat at the bar. Here’s a picture of my half-eaten home-made granola and yogurt:
breakfast at penelope's

I had an afternoon of meet-ups ahead of me, but plenty of time to kill beforehand. I spent it, again, taking pictures of random things.

Like buildings:
buildings and reflections of buildings

And bookstores (I don’t think I was actually supposed to take pictures in here. It was a gorgeous, historic, three-story building and it was so glorious I had to sneak a shot):
a gorgeous three-floor bookstore i wandered into

And numeric markers (This was a “9” for a building, but in order to satisfy my inner-narcissist, I walked around to the other side and took a picture of it looking like an “e”…for Erin. It was more fun):
e is for erin

My agent, Sara, took me to an amazing place for lunch, and again, I forgot to take pictures. But they the best steamed pork buns I have ever tasted. (Ma Peche, if you’re interested.) Then I was off to Argo Tea to meet Sarah Goldberg, who is just as lovely in person as she is online. More so, even. We talked about books and music and drank chai lattes, which was probably the perfect way to end my fall day in the city. I don’t have pictures of this either. I really need to be more thorough next time.

I did manage to capture this beauty on the train ride home, though. I think it makes up for the pictures I forgot to snap during my visit:
view from the train on the way back to boston

It was fun, NY. Very, very fun. I’ll be back soon!

And readers: I have some book reviews coming your way, but I definitely owe you a proper blog post. What do you guys want to know about? Are there any questions I can answer? Maybe you want to know about my revision process, or even better, how I manage to stay sane when we do these NYC trips in one day (2hr round-trip car drive to/from NH/Boston, followed by a 7hr round-trip train ride to/from Boston/NY).

Actually, don’t ask me that. I’m not sure I have an answer… ;)

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