Guest blogging on Let The Words Flow

I’m guest blogging over at Let The Words Flow today. The very lovely Vanessa Di Gregorio approached me about writing a post for LTFW a few weeks ago, and as a long-time follower and reader of the blog, I was both humbled and excited to contribute. Vanessa mentioned that readers had been asking for some post-deal information, but since I am still very early in my own post-deal journey, I decided to focus maily on the revision letter, giving a pep-talk more than I gave outright advice. As a few commenters have already pointed out, many of my points can be applied to any sort of “revision” feedback, be it from a critique partner, a freelance editor, your agent, etc. (Just more proof that this industry is filled with super smart people!)

Anyway, if you feel inclined, you should totally check out the post. Leave some comments and thoughts over there. I will try to respond to them all!

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