Groundhog Day (a very backwards holiday)

So today is Groundhog Day. That’s right, the day we put all our faith of an early Spring in some furry little rodent. OK, fine. He is a kind of cute, but still. This holiday is comprised of about .003% scientific fact and a whole lot of hoopla. Bill Murray knows what I’m talking about. (And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch Groundhog Day. Right now.)

Anyway… It is really no surprise that our pal Punxsautawney Phil did not see his shadow today. Half the United States is currently covered by an ice-sleet-snowstorm blizzard likely conjured up by the devil – who has been sending snowstorms my way once every third day for all of January, and now February, mind you – but I guess this means we’re getting an early spring.

And this is where I get confused. Let’s break this down. If the groundhog sees his shadow, it means the sun is out. Meaning it’s a nice sunny day and perhaps, spring really could be coming early. If he doesn’t see his shadow, it’s likely dreary or cloudy, or raining buckets of freezing ice from the sky (like today) and spring is likely not around the corner. But for some reason the opposite is true. See a shadow, get scared, run inside, 6 more weeks of winter. Don’t see your shadow, continue to hang out in the ice storm of 2011, early spring?

Maybe someone else can explain this madness to me. But until then, I’m going to hang out in the warmth of my home and cling to my cup of coffee and hope that spring really is approaching. Happy Groundhog Day, from me to you!

happy groundhog day

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