Connected yet alone

Last night I got overwhelmed by this feeling that tends to plague me. I was on twitter, conversing with a bunch of my writer friends, and suddenly, at that very same moment, I felt insanely alone. And I started wondering why it is, that as a writer, I can feel so supported by fellow writers and yet so very lonely at the same time. Things like twitter and the blogsphere connect me with mountains of creative, passionate, caring people, and yet, at the end of the day, I’m still sitting at my computer, alone, struggling to make sense of my own writing and characters and plots and themes and… I could go on. But you get the point.

Anyway, I’m fairly certain I’m not the only writer that struggles with this. Technology is amazing, and it connects us, but not literally. I still spend 99% of my time as a writer either alone at my computer or interacting with other writers digitally. Maybe I need to go to a conference. Or a write-in. I wish I knew more writers in my area, but alas, they all seem to be camping out in the DC area. Curses.

So who else struggles with this? And how do we fix it? How, in this age of technology, can we make our relationships more personal?

Until this nut is cracked, stay strong lonely writers. To all of you out there, plowing forward and bravely facing each new day, I salute you! Literally. See? Seeee?

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