Author business cards and a guest post

First off, I’m guest posting over on Ellen Oh‘s blog today. Ellen is a fellow YA writer (her debut, Prophecy: The Dragon King Chronicles, comes out from HarperCollins in Winter 2013, just like me!) and she’s currently running a series aptly titled: “What’s the Best Writerly Advice You’d Give Your Younger Self?”

I discuss, as I often do, time; how I struggle to find it, how we all have the same amount of it, how I wish I knew years ago that you can always “make” more time if you prioritize accordingly. You should check it out.

In other news, I have new author business cards! I feel so official now.

Being the designer that I am, I put my skills to use and laid out some clever cards – at least I deem them clever – and then used moo for the printing and production. If you’ve never heard of moo, you must check them out. They make some of the loveliest business cards I have ever seen. The stock they print on is thick and durable. They let you upload up to 50 (yes, FIFTY) different designs for the front of your card at no additional cost. They cut your cards with percission and package them in fancy little holders and ship them to you without a lengthy wait. Oh, and if you’re not one to design your own cards, they have boatloads of beautiful, pre-designed cards to choose from.

I am so happy with my cards. I will definitely order from moo again. I might even have to think up an excuse to try the stickers they just added to their list of products.

So now, without further adieu, I am pleased to show off my fancy author business cards. I love them so much:

Now I just need to meet all my wonderful writing friends in person. I need an excuse to hand out some of these guys!

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