An Open Letter to Winter

Dear Winter,

Can you just let it go now? Please?

Clearly you don’t know when to let something die. Must I remind you that tomorrow is April 1st? It’s not like I won’t see you again later this year. Chances are you will even show up early, stepping all over Fall’s toes and the like. It’s Spring’s turn now. It really is. Your actions are now bordering on immature and selfish.

We had a good run, we really did. You gave me a White Christmas, and I was so grateful. You looked lovely lining all the trees. But then I think you got full of yourself. I think you became convinced that lining the trees wasn’t enough. Do you remember when you decided it was a good idea to dump 6+ inches of snow on my doorstep every third day for pretty much all of January and most of February? Maybe that was fun for you, but let me tell you, everyone was talking about you behind your back. At the water cooler. In the break room. I even think some angry texts were sent.

My point is, I know this is New England and anything goes and winters are often long and dreary. But you’ve had your fun. The fact that you cannot let a good thing go has caused the weather men to issue a Winter Storm Warning for tomorrow. They are saying 6-12 inches! A foot?! Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

I love(d) you Winter, but you are killing me now. You are suffocating me. It was fun for a bit, but please, please, please clean out that drawer in my bathroom and take your tooth brush home too. If you withhold from dumping snow on me tomorrow, all may be forgiven.

And don’t try to hid behind any first-of-the-month shenanigans. This has gone on far too long for a foot of snow to be a considered funny. Even on April Fool’s.

I’m not laughing. No one is laughing. Trust me.

Your fed-up friend,

P.S.  – I just looked out the window and you’ve already started to taunt me. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume these flakes will dwindle during the evening and I will NOT wake up to a full-fledged Nor’easter. You have been warned, Winter. I’m not kidding this time.

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