Writing for young adults

I never intended to write a young adult novel. Truthfully, my first novel (which I wrote over cheap NFL jerseys a year ago now), was originally geared toward adults. Then somewhere in the be middle of writing it, things started to shift, the target audience slowly change. This is half the reason why that cheap jerseys manuscript still sits lonely on my laptop. It is jumbled and confused and the voice is a bit lacking.

While I was wrapping up that first story, a new idea De started swimming its way around my brain. Well this new idea, which was clearly geared toward YAs, began to plague me. It stalked me everywhere. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, keep the characters from popping up when I closed my eyes, and so here we are, months later and I have a completed manuscript that I am now feverishly cheap NFL jerseys editing.

I think this goes Launches to show that you can’t control what you write. I’m not saying Bestehende you have no control the words you put onto paper – that would be ludicrous. I just mean that a story is a story, and a good one – one that has to cheap NFL jerseys be told – will be. Even if it wasn’t what I set out to write or even what expected to pursue, once I became passionate about the tale creeping around in my mind, I had to put it on paper. I just had to.

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