On my desire to be a published novelist…

Since this blog is going to chronicle my pursuit of publication, talking about why I want to get published (and what that milestone means to me), seems like a good place to start.

» Deep Down, I’m a Writer

I have been a writer since day one. When I could first talk, I was telling stories. When I could first write, I was penning tales. In middle school, while kids were off enjoying their summers and playing in the sun, I went to writers camp (no joke). In college I minored in Creative Writing because I desperately missed the creative outlet and relief that came with getting cheap mlb jerseys ideas out of my head and down onto paper. Even beyond that, when I fell into a career, I couldn’t shake the habit of letting the words flow, and they continued cheap jerseys as an often private and very informal hobby.

My current job (web design/advertising) is one that pays the bills, but also one that I love, and in this sense I think I am very, very fortunate. Not everyone loves their job. However, at the same time, my job is not writing, and deep down, I am a writer; it’s all I want to do and all I want to be. For me, getting published is not the end-all, be-all. I don’t expect to hit it big on one published book. It’s not about the money, but rather being able to do what I love. I will continue to write either way, because it’s who I am, but hey, if writing as a published author can pay a portion of the bills while I continue to work at my day job as well, I’d say that would be pretty darn awesome.

» It’s a Passion

I suppose this goes hand-in-hand with being a writer and the points made above, but overall, it really is a labor of love. I don’t do it because someone makes me, but rather because IT makes me. Ideas and concepts will often creep into my head when I least expect it and I then find myself anxiously awaiting the moment I can dash home and get them on paper. I wrote a snippet about how writing often affects me on Rough Words awhile back (my experimental writing blog which functions much like a digital notebook), and thought it worth sharing again here:

When I get an idea worth writing about, a book or short story or pretty much anything longer than the experimental pieces I usually post here on Tumblr, it takes hold of me, and in a somewhat sickening way. It becomes a disease, an obsession. I fantasize about plot twists. I muse over dialogue. I stay up late writing and then go to bed hoping to dream of my characters. I often find myself deep in conversation with someone when suddenly I realize I am not listening to them at all, but rather thinking of perfectly manicured words and how I might string them together the next time I sit down at my laptop. When I write, I become someone else; me but better. I have a vision, I have a purpose, and I ГЕЙНЕРЫ am content in my addiction.

This, is exactly why I want to take a stab at publishing my work. The love and passion that I pour into what I cheap nba jerseys do, is something that I don’t just want between myself and my computer screen, but rather something I want to pass on to others, which I suppose leads to my next point…

» Share, Share, Share

Everything in my writing becomes real to me. The characters are real. I love them as though they were my family or friends. The places exist and the plot is looming. Themes trancend. Even the dialogue becomes tangible, like a movie playing out before my eyes.

I want to take all this and share it with others. I want someone else to grow to love my characters over the length of a novel. I want people to feel for them, to care for them, to know them. I want readers to get a rush of adrenaline as they near a plot climax, the same way my heart started to pound as I wrote it. I want to immerse others in my story as thoroughly as I had immersed myself as I dreamt, concept, wrote and edited the tale.

» No Regrets

If nothing else, I just want to try. I don’t want to be plagued by those two horrid words that have a way of swallowing you whole and making you hate yourself. “What if?”

I don’t want to push off trying because I’m afraid or scared or worried about rejection. I design for a living; things get rejected and spit out all the time. This kind of process gives you a thick skin and also helps you improve your craft. Sure, the rejection part is never fun, and is sometimes a tad intimidating, but I’m more An worried about never trying and Look always wondering what might have been. “What if I had tried and actually succeeded?” I don’t know what the answer to this question is, and this is precisely the reason why I just have to go for it.


There are more reasons, obviously, but these are the main ones, the real driving Бизнес factors that keep me motivated. And so begins this fun journey (that I assume will also be quite painful and frustrating at times) as I pursue representation for and the publication of my novel. This cheap jerseys is all about a desire to share my writing with others, commercially, but failing to do that (if that happens to be my course) is not going to remove from me an innate drive to write. In the end, I’ll still be writing. I know this wholesale jerseys China the way I know the back of my hand. That being said though, I’m still rooting for success :)

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