Everything happens for a reason

I really, truly believe this. Heck, my current WIP has this very theme at its core. I still haven’t decided if believing that things happen for a reason is the same as believing in fate. Because the idea of fate, the notion that you are on a preconceived path and there is nothing you can...
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In which TAKEN’s cover is revealed!

Remember last week when I said I’d be revealing TAKEN’s cover? And we all got excited? And I was so pumped I jumped around like a crazy person? Well “Reveal Day” has finally arrived. Wahoo! (Now instead of flailing, I’m more or less dancing with glee.) Oh, what’s that? You actually want to see said...
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As promised: pictures from Europe (plus exciting other news)

It took me a very long while to dig through the hundreds of pictures I took during my trip to Europe last month, but I finally have a small sampling to share. It rained for much of our vacation, and while that didn’t keep us from having a fantastic time, it unfortunately resulted in lot...
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A letter from the past

I had a different blog post planned for today — my February reads, which still may happen — but then this letter arrived in my inbox and I had to share it. A year ago, today, I used a service called to write myself a letter. I’m not sure how I heard about the...
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