Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is a very commercial holiday, but in a weird way, it always reminds me of Thanksgiving. Each and every Valentine’s Day I find myself reflecting on the number of wonderful people in my life. Friends, family, loved ones. I am truly blessed. I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so...
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A new venture

About a year and a half ago, I had a finished manuscript and a crazy idea that included pursuing publication. I didn’t have a critique partner or an agent, I’d never written a query letter, and I had absolutely no clue what it meant to “be on sub.”* We’re all clueless at the beginning of...
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One word for 2012

It’s a new year. (Oh my gosh — happy new year, guys!!!) It’s a little shocking it’s here already. It shouldn’t be. Not really. Not when January 1st comes after December 31st, each and every year without fail. But it always sneaks up on me, this changing of the calendar, having to write a new...
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Winding down 2011: My year in review

Simply put, this year was amazing. Some highlights included: getting an agent, getting a book deal (!), watching my CP get a book deal, celebrating a best friend’s marriage, meeting twitter friends IRL, finishing TAKEN revisions and sending it to copy editing, hosting Read for Relief, spending Fourth of July at the lake house with...
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