An Open Letter to Winter

Dear Winter, Can you just let it go now? Please? Clearly you don’t know when to let something die. Must I remind you that tomorrow is April 1st? It’s not like I won’t see you again later this year. Chances are you will even show up early, stepping all over Fall’s toes and the like....
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St Patty’s Day! (dishing on books and wearing green)

So it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! Boston is gearing up for the holiday it celebrates best and there is some 60-degree Spring weather rolling our way. As someone named after the wonderful island I have not yet visited (it is on my Bucket List), Saint Patrick’s Day has always been a fun holiday for me. I...
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Connected yet alone

Last night I got overwhelmed by this feeling that tends to plague me. I was on twitter, conversing with a bunch of my writer friends, and suddenly, at that very same moment, I felt insanely alone. And I started wondering why it is, that as a writer, I can feel so supported by fellow writers...
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A message to my sixteen-year-old self (and to all teens, for that matter)

I turned 26 this past week. It’s crazy to think that just ten years ago I was 16. A lot has changed since I was in high school and yet in many ways, I feel the same. Young, clueless, searching for meaning and purpose in life. Some days I feel no different than I did...
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