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Announcing the TAKEN chapter reveal tour!

Upfront, I want to say thank you for the support many of you have shown TAKEN so far. We’re less than a month to pub now, and all the tweets, blog comments, early reviews, and general levels of enthusiasm have been so, so amazing. You guys all rock. That said, I realize there are a...
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1 Month ’til TAKEN!

Just one more month ’til TAKEN! *cue flailing* I can’t believe we’re at this milestone already. I feel like two days ago my release date was still 24 months off. I’m really excited. And anxious. And scared. And thrilled. This is the last ARC of TAKEN I’ll be giving away, and like last month, this...
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That one about touring

Things are getting a little hectic on my end. I’m drafting book three, working on side projects, prepping for TAKEN’s release (so close now!) and finalizing my tour plans. What’s that? I never told us you I’d be touring? Well this is me officially announcing that come May 29th, I’m hitting the road with fellow...
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2 months ’til TAKEN!

Gah! The days are starting to fly. Just 2 measly months ’til TAKEN! As we continue to near April 16th, TAKEN ARCs have been finding more and more readers. Some are friends, others are strangers, but all are awesome. It is still incredibly surreal for me to receive a tweet where someone mentions Gray, or...
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