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A TAKEN trilogy recap to prep you for FORGED

I did a recap last year before Frozen‘s release. It seemed like a good idea to do another for Forged. This final installment jumps right into the action, so if you don’t have time for a series re-read (and who does with the height of our TBR piles?), this post should be useful. BUT PLEASE BE WARNED  ...
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6 weeks til FORGED!

You read that right. Just six weeks until FORGED releases and Gray’s story concludes. (*sniff* This is very bittersweet for me.) I’ve been promising folks an international giveaway for awhile now, and I figure the 6-week-til-pub marker is as good an excuse as any. Here’s what you can win: An ARC of FORGED and a finished...
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The Difference Between ARCs and Finished Copies 101

These are my pass pages for Vengeance Road. This is the first time my book has been typeset (read: not been a .doc file), which is very exciting. Pretty fonts! Chapter headings! Crop marks! Advance reader copies (ARCs) are printed from pass pages. While the ARCs are produced and distributed to early reviewers, the pass...
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One Word for 2015

Happy New Year!!! I’m a few days late, but Baby Bowman has been keeping me busy. For the last couple years, I’ve been picking a ‘word of the year’ instead of declaring a traditional resolution. In 2014 my goal was focus-related, in 2013 I aimed to be more present, and the year before that I strived for balance....
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