1 Month ’til TAKEN!

Just one more month ’til TAKEN! *cue flailing* I can’t believe we’re at this milestone already. I feel like two days ago my release date was still 24 months off. I’m really excited. And anxious. And scared. And thrilled. This is the last ARC of TAKEN I’ll be giving away, and like last month, this...
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TAKEN Launch Party (and other upcoming events)

Wow, so that was a surreal post title to type! I’m going to cut right to the chase because I’ve been running around like a crazy person lately trying to juggle five million things. (Slight exaggeration. But only by a little.) I set up a handy events page which you can check any old day,...
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2 months ’til TAKEN!

Gah! The days are starting to fly. Just 2 measly months ’til TAKEN! As we continue to near April 16th, TAKEN ARCs have been finding more and more readers. Some are friends, others are strangers, but all are awesome. It is still incredibly surreal for me to receive a tweet where someone mentions Gray, or...
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3 months ’til TAKEN!

Yup, you read that right. TAKEN hits shelves in exactly 3 months! I can’t tell you how so excited I am for you all to meet Gray! (Excited, and also a bit terrified. ;)) To me, April 16th seems like it’s just around the corner, but I understand that to an anxious reader, a 3-month...
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