Plotting with Revelations: Q&A

Submit questions and access the playback Q&A video archive.

Discord Q&A

If you have a specific question you’d like Erin to answer, please submit it below. About once a month, Erin will go through the submissions and answer the questions on the #answers-from-erin channel of our Discord.

In the meantime, you can also peruse the other channels and see if workshop participants have discussed/answered your question (or a similar one) already.

Live Q&A Archive

This workshop used to include a live q&a portion. It was poorly attended, hence the move to Discord for community connection and questions. That said, the content from those lives could still be useful for new workshop participants. Playback videos are listed below, newest to oldest.

9/26 Live (Sep 2021 session)
2/28 Live (Feb 2021 session)
12/6 Live (Nov 2020 session)

If you have technical issues or need to reach me directly, please send an email.