For Students

I get many emails from students requesting my help with their book reports/projects, and while I am flattered to know my novels are part of your homework, I simply do not have the time to answer each email individually. I’d never be able to get another book written that way. That said, there’s a good chance your question is already answered on my website.

All the information I am comfortable sharing regarding my personal life and family can be found in my bio or within the FAQs.

If you are looking for specific information regarding a certain book, try the book’s detail page (find it here), or the extra content pages I’ve made for certain titles (find those here).

If your teacher requested that you email me for a personalized answer, feel free to show them this page as proof of why I am unable to do so.

The same is true for other writing endeavors. I am unable to assist with writing college essays. I also can not read or offer feedback/suggestions on short stories or novels. There are many resources for writers already posted on my site, and google may also be of great help.

Good luck with your project, and thank you for your interest in my books! :)